The Dialectics of Resurrection and the Fascist Hypothesis

Luis Silva Barros


In this paper I try to show that Badiou’s ‘giant confrontation with the dialectic’ is in some sense over.  I attempt to demonstrate, by an absurd counter example, that there exists a ‘truth’ whose appearing is Fear and that such ‘truth’ is topologically connected to the Truths of Love and Politics.  The consequence of this conjecture is to imply that Badiou’s bridging of dialectics and resurrection has succeeded in changing dialectics from a negating dialectics to an affirming dialectics.  The consequence of this ‘dialectics of resurrection’ on the thought of Badiou is that it implies a non-trivial connection between metapolitics and political philosophy (of the kind proposed by Carl Schmitt).  The result from these two consequences is what I have called the ‘Fascist Hypothesis’, which basically states that between materialist dialectics and dialectical materialism there is a third possibility: that of political theology.

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