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The journal Badiou Studies is a multi-lingual, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the philosophy and thought of, and surrounding, the philosopher, playwright, novelist and poet Alain Badiou.  Badiou Studies is dedicated to original, critical and challenging arguments that directly engage with the conditions and circumstances of Badiou’s thought. We aim to identify pertinent intellectual discourses, ideas, historiographies and concepts, and seek articles that situate these theories within emerging events in politics, science, art and love.  Book reviews and reports of related activities are also warmly welcome.

Badiou Studies is especially concerned with maintaining a fidelity to Badiou's thinking without collapsing into hagiography or celebrity fetishism. This is why we encourage works that actively critique Badiou's philosophy and his currency as an established philosophical figure.  This engaging approach is warmly embraced by Badiou himself, a member of our board of editors.  Our board comprises international scholars who are representative of our pioneering approach to research in the field, which is both radical and widely interdisciplinary.  In this, we share similar aspirations to our partner the International Journal of Žižek Studies.

The aim of Badiou Studies is to develop a clear and transparent site for scholars interested in Badiou’s ideas to come together, share research and engage in productive dialogue.  In keeping with this aim, we publish articles in multiple languages.  We believe that the unification of academic and intellectual activity into one ‘lingua franca’ is counter-productive to originality and true representations of the local.  In addition, we are open to non-traditional forms of expression, beyond the typical article format.

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Badiou Studies is an open access journal. This means that all Badiou Studies content is available online to any reader or institution without cost or subscription. Furthermore, authors do not pay to publish with Badiou Studies. The journal as of 2014 also publishes, for sale, a print version of each volume.  All profits go directly back into the journal and related activities, as Badiou Studies is not-for-profit.

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Translation Initiative

Non-English language content will be provided as an important part of Badiou Studies' aim to be a meaningfully international journal. We aim not only to publish articles originating in languages other than English, but also to translate journal content into as many languages as is practical. For this reason any interested groups or individuals willing to help in this translation initiative are cordially invited to contact the editors. All contributions will be fully acknowledged and accredited in Badiou Studies.

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Badiou Studies volume on ethics now published! Print version and new CFP to follow.


The first edition of volume three of Badiou Studies, dedicated to Badiou's ethics, is now published.  The print version will follow soon!

The CFP for the next volume will be announced shortly.

Posted: 2014-03-22
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Vol 3, No 1 (2014): Ethics

Guest Edited by: Nicolò Fazioni.  General Editors: Arthur J. Rose & Michael J. Kelly

"Rather than link the word ['ethics'] to abstract categories, it should be referred back to particular situations. Rather than reduce it to an aspect of pity for the victims, it should become the enduring maxim of singular processes. Rather than make it merely the province of conservatism with a good conscience, it should concern the destiny of truths, in the plural."

– Alain Badiou

Table of Contents

Invited Papers

The Body of Structural Dialectic: Badiou, Lacan, and the ‘Human Animal’ PDF
Lorenzo Chiesa 1 - 23
Dall'evento al sintomo: Badiou e l'ontologia lacaniana. PDF
Fabio Vighi 24 - 47


Un’ontologia della rivoluzione. Badiou con (Deleuze, Lacan) PDF
Andrea Bardin, Sandro Pellarin, Diego Vicenzutto 48 - 75
Etica e filosofia in Badiou PDF
Pierpaolo Cesaroni 76 - 102
Etica del Reale: Kant e Badiou PDF
Luigi Francesco clemente 103 - 130
Tra Etica e Politica. Riflessioni intorno ad alcuni scritti di Badiou PDF
Nicolò Fazioni 131 - 159
Dialettica in-umana. Badiou lettore di Hegel PDF
Giovanni Maria Mascaretti 160 - 192


Refuse become subject: The educational ethic of Saint Paul PDF
A. J. Bartlett 193 - 216
“‘Keep Going!’ Cinema and Badiou’s Ethics of Truths" PDF
Michelle Kelley 217 - 243
Badiou's ethics and free software revolution PDF
Katarina Peovic Vukovic 244 - 270
Badiou’s Ethics: Another Form of Ideal Theory PDF
Guilherme Vasconcelos Vilaça 271 - 321

Book Reviews

Review of Alain Badiou, Cinema (2013) PDF
Alan O'Leary 322 - 329
On: "Démocratie, dans qual Etat?" PDF
Federico Simonetti 330 - 342

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